by Jensen Ly

Introduction to BABOLAT X-FEEL BLAST Badminton Racket (2020)

Introduction If you've stepped onto a badminton court, chances are ...
Introduction to Babolat X-Feel Blast Badminton Racket (2020)


If you've stepped onto a badminton court, chances are you've heard of Babolat. Babolat has been a stalwart in racket sports for over a century, and it's not just by chance. The Babolat X-Feel Blast Badminton Racket (2020) is a testament to this legacy.

The Brand: Babolat

From Lyon, France, Babolat has been synonymous with racket sports, providing players of all levels with superior equipment since 1875. Rooted in its rich history and innovative spirit, Babolat continues revolutionizing the sport with state-of-the-art rackets like the X-Feel Blast 2020.

Unveiling the X-Feel Blast 2020

The Release

The Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020 was introduced to the market, eager to impress badminton enthusiasts worldwide. As expected, it came loaded with intriguing features and designs.

Design and Aesthetics

Sporting a striking blue and white design, the X-Feel Blast immediately captures attention. But its beauty goes beyond aesthetics—the innovative technology sets it apart.

Technical Specifications

Frame Material

The frame of the X-Feel Blast 2020 is crafted from High Modulus Graphite, a material revered for its lightweight properties and durability. This means the racket can withstand intense gameplay without compromising its performance.

Shaft Material

The shaft, too, is composed of High Modulus Graphite, providing just the right level of flexibility for fast returns and smashes.

Balance and Weight

The X-Feel Blast 2020 is an evenly balanced racket weighing approximately 84 grams, an optimal configuration for delivering power and control.

Unique Features

X-Feel Technology

A standout feature is the X-Feel Technology. This technology, as the name suggests, enhances the feel of the racket and provides a great sense of control to the player, which is crucial for high-stakes matches.

MetricFlex System

Another unique trait is the MetricFlex System, a revolutionary dual modulus construction that provides flexibility on control strokes and stiffness on attack strokes, optimizing your play like never before.

Carbon X-Trem

The Carbon X-Trem technology contributes to the overall lightness and robustness of the racket, aiding players to maintain quick and consistent swings.

Performance Evaluation


With its high-tension capability and stiff shaft, the X-Feel Blast 2020 delivers impressive power. Each smash is explosive, yet the racket handles it with absolute grace.


Thanks to the X-Feel technology and the evenly balanced nature, the racket offers superb control over the shuttlecock, enabling players to place their shots accurately.


The lightweight design ensures quick and easy manoeuvrability, giving players an edge regarding swift responses and rapid drives.


Comparison with Previous Models

The X-Feel Blast 2020 stands out with its advanced features and technology compared to its predecessors. It's a significant upgrade, delivering a more rounded and exceptional performance on the court.

Comparison with Competitors

When matched against other brands, the X-Feel Blast 2020 holds its own. Its unique combination of power, control, and speed positions it as a formidable contender in the high-performance badminton racket arena.

Who is it for?

The X-Feel Blast 2020 is for the dedicated badminton player who desires a racket to keep up with their high-speed game and amplify their performance.

Pricing and Availability

Given its top-tier features, the X-Feel Blast 2020 is priced higher, and it's a worthy investment for those serious about the sport. Availability may vary by region, so checking with your local sports retailers or official Babolat distributors is best.

Pros and Cons


  • High-performance racket with power, control, and speed

  • Unique technologies enhance the playing experience

  • High-quality, durable materials


  • It might be pricey for casual players

  • Not as suitable for beginners due to its high-tension nature


In conclusion, the Babolat X-Feel Blast Badminton Racket (2020) is a remarkable product, combining innovative technology with an aesthetically pleasing design. If you're a severe badminton player looking to upgrade your game, this racket might be your next best friend on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020 suitable for beginners?

While anyone can use the X-Feel Blast 2020, its features are designed to optimize the play of intermediate to advanced players.

2. Where can I buy the Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020?

Check with your local sports retailers or official Babolat distributors for availability.

3. What is the weight of the Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020?

The racket weighs approximately 84 grams.

4. What unique technologies does the Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020 incorporate?

It boasts X-Feel Technology, MetricFlex System, and Carbon X-Trem, among others.

5. How does the Babolat X-Feel Blast 2020 compare with other rackets?

It holds its own against other brands, offering a unique blend of power, control, and speed due to its innovative technologies.